The Profitable Game
A winning betting strategy. Long term.

investing in Global Soccer


How much money do i need to start?

You can start with as much as you wish. However, you need to factor in the subscription costs. We recommend that you start with at least £500. The more capital you have to invest the higher your returns will be.


The overall Return On Investment is 16.2%. Your monthly return will differ from month to month as variance will play its part. We are not a get rich quick scheme, we look at long term bank growth and returns. We will provide you with solid money management advice on how to eventually bet with no risk to your inital bank roll. To get an idea on what to expect click here.

who can use our service?

You can use our service anywhere in the world. We will advise you on the best bookmakers to use depending on your location.

what happens after i join?

You will receive an email containing a document which will explain how to set up your betting funds. It will also advise you on the correct money management to follow our system along with recommended bookmakers to use. 


You will receive the bets via the email that you supply when signing up. When the system generates the bets they will be sent straight to your inbox. It will display the fixture details and tell you who to place your bet on, target odds, recommended Bookmaker and how much to place. Bets are usually sent out any time from 4 hours before a scheduled match kick off time right up to kick off. (Bets sent out right before kick off are not common.) You will have plenty of time to place your bets on most occasions.

How many bets will i receive and when will i receive them?

The systems can send out up to 700 bets per month. The database produces signals across Football Leagues all over the world therefore signals are usually sent out between 0700 GMT and 2330 GMT.


We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you subscribe and for what ever reason you no longer wish to receive any further bets, you have up to 30 days to cancel from date of purchase. We will refund you with no issues.

why isn't system 7 profit graph displayed?

There are technical errors with the data spreadsheets for these systems. (No bearing on the system results or performance) which will not allow us to produce the profit graphs. We are working to resolve this. You can still see the full detailed results for each system below:

system 7

how often do you update the systems results?

We will update the system results at the end of each month.